Gadgets, gizmos, who’s-it’s and what’s-it’s that have saved the day…


This is an ongoing list of gadgets, gizmos, who’s-it’s and what’s-it’s I have found to be EXTREMELY useful in the process of raising our #littlecrackerjack. Am I missing something you consider a must have? Mention it in the comments section or become a contributor!

Gadgets, gizmos, who’s-its and what’s-its that have saved the day:

1) Squatty Potty [re post: I don’t give a shit…]

Buy a Squatty Potty here…  then watch this video Unicorn Poop!!!  and laugh your ass off.

2) Angelcare Monitor

This movement and sound monitor gives hubs and I peace of mind while we sleep knowing #littlecrackerjack is breathing. SIDS is scary and there are ways to prevent it from happening to your little one.

Buy Angelcare Monitor here…

Also, get the  wooden board for the monitor to lay properly under the mattress (or have your hubs cut some plywood up… either way).

3) Medela Contact Nipple Shield [re post: Troubleshooting the teet, part deux]

This little plastic nipple shield saved my nips from the initial little person latching troubles.

4) HONEST Organic Nipple Balm [re post: Troubleshooting the teet, part deux]

The Honest Company’s nipple balm also helped to soothe and save my nips.

5) MEDELA Breast Pump [re post: Troubleshooting the teet, part deux]

This MEDELA breast pump has helped encourage my asshole boobs to get with the program.


More recommendations to come as life goes on…