Now accepting and encouraging contributions to:

  • L&D stories
  • Week One
  • Tips and Tricks: Stuff mom taught me (or should have)
  • Breastfeeding
  • Bodily Functions

Contributors will not be compensated monetarily (or in any other manner) but you will be helping inform your fellow mom-to-be/mom/human. And isn’t that enough of an incentive ?!

Considering contributing/writing? Wonderful! Just follow these steps:

  1. ¬†Write your story (doesn’t have to be a novel). Make sure it’s not slandering anyone or any of that crap. Mama don’t need no drama!
  2. Email me your story:
  3. Attach any photos you’d like to be in the email as well
  4. Note how you’d like your name to be referenced (i.e. first name only, whole name or an alias if you prefer to remain anonymous). I’d also like a brief “about me” of yourself to go onto a contributors page (add your own website URL, etc. to this as well if you’d like to promote your own business, etc).
  5. I’ll double check spelling (will not change your writing) and post it up on the blog.
  6. You can then share it with friends, family or whomever!