Am I the only one who, when writing an about me, feels like you’re writing your own eulogy?!

“She was a kind lady who often made crazy faces that were not becoming in photos. She loved moist cake with good buttercream icing and perhaps a fresh strawberry filling…”

Let me marinate on this about me jazz for a few… Hmmmm….

Ok, so now it sounds like a job interview. “Tell me a little about yourself…”

Well… I’m a 30 something new mama to an adorable baby boy. I consider myself a California girl with a Midwestern heart (Chicago burbs upbringing until end of 7th grade).

I’ve worked retail management for a large chunk of my life, always having wanted to get my foot into the corporate door of whatever brand I was working for, but that never came to fruition and I burnt out on the crazy hours in 2014.

I have also dappled in food service and substitute teaching. Side note: I tip my hat to elementary school teachers. Not for me!

What else… I have a loving and funny hubby, a stepson and a little troublemaking Yorkie. So now with baby, the girls (dog and I) are outnumbered. Stinky boys! I also have an awesome family and my core little lump of friends are for lifers.

We reside in Sonoma County and love all it has to offer. From vineyards to the ocean (less than an hour away) to the redwoods and Tahoe (only four hours away) we live in a great little nook in this beautiful world!

I love to eat! But really, who doesn’t enjoy good food? Being in Sonoma County has spoiled my palate. So. Much. Good. Food!!!  Hence why I may occasionally blog about food or other adventures .

I also love to travel (well not the transportation portion… but that’s a necessary evil) and my bucket list is LONG, but for now I’m happy nesting with  little #babyjackdh. Well go travel soon enough!

Anyhow, that’s enough about me.