Fussy butt : 30 pm 

“Fussy butt : 30” is the time my husband and I have deemed the timeframe our #littlecrackerjack gets nice and fussy. Which is right before his bedtime, fluctuating anytime between 6:30 and 8:30 pm, depending on his mood. On average he goes down around 7:30pm. He’s a newborn baby, so an exact “schedule” is a joke. Needless to say, we don’t encourage visitors or dinner dates during “fussy butt : 30”. 

Why so fussy?! 

You’ve already gone around the not so merry go round, multiple times, of:

  • Checking for a fresh diaper?
  • Offering the boob/bottle …?
  • Attempting to release a burp…?!
  • Changing positions…?!?!
  • Okay… maybe you’re too hot or cold?!
  • Perhaps a few bicycle kicks to release a trapped toot?!?! 

Maybe baby has just HIT A WALL and is overtired. 

It’s hard to tell… and you’ll feel like an asshole going round that not so merry go round of options while the whole time little has been SUPER PISSED because little is SUPER TIRED. 

I’m no baby whisperer (I wish) and definitely am sometimes shooting in the dark when little is super fussy. But more often than not, little may just need a smooch, a tight cuddle and some quiet rocking to CHILL OUT and go night night. 

sleepyhead #littlecrackerjack

What helps?… 

Start to track littles sleep patterns! This helps to know the best timeframes to:

  • have visitors
  • run errands
  • catch a quick cat nap 
  • attempt to go out with tiny tot in tow

This also helps establish a sleep routine for little (which, so I have heard, will help transition in the later months/years). 

I just threw it under iPhone notes since I almost always have my phone nearby. You could also throw this into an excel spreadsheet if you want to nerd out. 

For the first two months baby’s circadian rhythm is not yet established, so having any sleep schedule expectation is a joke. But having a general idea of what to shoot for in regards to little catching the proper amount of zzz’s is nice to have. 

Sidenote: around month four is when little one’s internal clock starts to kick in, resulting in sleeping longer segments through the night. This is also in part thanks to a larger stomach to hold baby over longer until the next nursing session. So… yay! A smidgen of more shut eye is in the near future. 

Taking notes of babies sleep pattern also may help you figure out why little is fussy if you’re at a loss. Has it been over two hours since little one last napped? Tiny is more than likely super sleepy.

For ease of reference, here is a list of cumulative hours little should be sleeping: 

  • WEEK ONE: 16-18 (1/2 at night, 1/2 during the day) 
  • TWO WEEKS – TWO MONTHS: 15-17 (8-10 at night, remainder during the day)
  • THREE- SIX MONTHS: 13-17 (10-12 at night, 3-5 during day) 
  • SIX- TWELVE MONTHS: 14-15 (11 at night, 3-4 during day)

Sleepyhead #littlecrackerjack and fuzzy friends

In regards to daytime naps, this handy chart helps to make sure you aren’t keeping tiny up longer than you should be! 

Remember these are all average timeframes/guidelines. Babies don’t have to stick to these timeframes. It’s just to give you a better idea for sleepy time and possibly avoid “fussy butt:30” meltdowns!

Per usual, thanks for taking the time to read my blog. Likes, comments and sharing are all appreciated responses! 



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