Breastfeeding Basics…

When is little dude/little miss hungry? 

  • Fussing or breathing fast
  • Rooting on your chest
  • Suckling mouth motions (hands in mouth, smacking lips, etc.)
  • Crying is a late sign of hunger (calm little before feeding)

How often should little be eating? 

  • The first 2-4 weeks little will be eating 8-12 times within 24 hours.
  • Shoot for every 2 hours during the day and every 4 (max) at night. Until baby is back to birth weight go with every 3 hours at night. It’s exhausting… but it’s not forever.
  • After baby’s 4th week you can allow baby to sleep at night as long as he/she wants, just as long as the weight gain and dirty diapers are consistent.

What if little is sleepy and not feeding & just using said boob as a pillow?

  • Gently run your fingers up and down his/her back
  • Tickle or gently scratch the sole of his/her footsies
  • Lose a piece of clothing so little isn’t so cozy/ wakes up more
  • Can also refresh little’s diaper before feeding, but will most likely need a fresh one post feeding

Look at those little hands! Too cute…
How long is this magical feast? 

  • 20-45 minutes
  • Offer the first breast and allow little to feed until he/she stops suckling and appears content
  • Try to burp baby (breastfed babies don’t always burp)
  • Repeat on second breast
  • Remember to switch which breast is offered first each feeding. I like to keep a burp cloth on the rocking chair’s arm for a reminder of which boob is the starter boob.

I like to think of each breast as a course for baby… Good evening sir, tonight’s special is a lovely organic, body temperature mother’s milk. And for dessert you can indulge in yes… yet another serving of mother’s milk. Bon Appetit! 

So there is no gauge as to how full the teet is… is my baby getting enough milk?

  • Monitor little’s bowel movements. It will first be black (meconium) but changes to a nice dijon mustard with little grains by the fifth day.
  • By day 3 urine should be pale yellow or clear. Little should also have 2-3 poops.
  • Thereafter little should have 3-4 poops daily, as well as 5-6 wet diapers
  • By week 4-6, little will be less of a poop factory. Some only poop once every 7-10 days… which is crazy talk to me. But apparently that’s normal as long as they are gaining weight.
  • By week 6, little will have 4-6 wet diapers, but it will be more saturated since his/her bladder is expanding.
  • Monitor little’s weight gain
  • If little is still fussy after draining both breasts, then offer some formula if you’re drained.
  • Breastmilk is supply and demand based. The more little demands, the more your breasts (should technically) supply. Just don’t beat yourself up if they don’t produce enough. It’s not your fault and there is always formula.

After Thelma and Louise/ Lavern and Shirley/ Lucy and Ethel have put in WORK, you should treat them to a nice soothin’ of the boobin’. 

Soothin’ of the boobin’:

  • Refrigerated cabbage leaves… Super granola and super random… but it feels AMAZING. Then offer the family coleslaw for dinner and pause for reaction…
  • Frozen aloe vera in zip lock baggies. I put one snack sized baggie above and below the nip. It’s brisk at first… but your toasty teets will melt them quickly.
  • If you think the zip lock baggie is ghetto (WHATEVER!) then you can buy fancy boob ice packs .
  • HONEST company’s nipple balm also helped to sooth the nips as well as keep them nourished and resilient

Coleslaw anyone?…
SOS! Call the Lactation Consultant: 

  • By day 4 your milk has not let down
  • Sore nipples
  • Latching problems
  • Engorgement
  • Not enough dirty diapers
  • Baby’s weight is dropping
  • Twins/preemies

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