Troubleshooting the teet, part deux…


By day three of week one, my husband, our mom’s and I all agreed that I needed to see a lactation specialist. My milk wasn’t in yet and baby wasn’t sleeping. I felt like a horrible mother…

I also wasn’t told to just sub formula until my milk comes in. Such a simple concept and yet it didn’t cross my mind that baby was losing his shit and not sleeping because he was starving. ASSHOLE MOM with her ASSHOLE BOOBS… Poor little guy.

Once we were at the lactation specialist (who was an ANGEL) I immediately had a sense of relief. She had us give little man some SIMILAC, which he gulped down with an edacious appetite. As he relaxed, which in turn I too started to relax, she explained the proper treatment of the boobs:

  1. To be kind to them (which I was not… nor was my son’s pediatrician in her attempt to express milk out of my engorged boobs prior to visiting the consultant. OUCH… ).
  2. Use COOL compresses to relax the tissue as well as gently massage the tissue to break up the blocked ducts (if you’re engorged).
  3. Sleep when baby sleeps and recover your body. It has been through a lot
  4. Eat healthy and try to eat items that help with milk production (I’ll list some at the end of this to refer to)
  5. Take FENUGREEK (an herbal supplement that helps promote milk production). WARNING: the capsules taste nasty, so make sure you have orange juice or chocolate milk to swallow it with.

She also gave me a nipple shield to alleviate my poor nips (from not latching properly to begin with). It totally saved the day because it allowed me to still breast feed, but it lessened the friction on my raw/blistered nips. This, in turn, allowed my nips to heal faster. Along with the nipple shield she also gave me a hospital grade breast pump to help get things flowing properly (which I’ll have to return). I do also have my free breast pump to use once the hospital one goes bye bye. Did you know your insurance company provides one for free?! WAY better than buying one (those suckers are expensive). My pump, that I get to keep, is similar to this pump .

Yay for the lactation lady!!!! She saved the day!

Sidenote: Some of the foods she suggested to help aid in milk production I’ve listed below… or you can just google it or go onto Pinterest. Whatever’s clever.

Foods to promote good milk production: 

  • Grains: Brown rice, oatmeal and quinoa
  • Nuts: Almonds and cashews
  • Seeds: Flax, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower
  • Veggies: Beets, carrots and dark leafy greens
  • Fruits: Apricots, dates, figs, peaches, plums and cherries
  • Healthy fats: Butter (small amount), Coconut oil and Olive Oil


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2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting the teet, part deux…

  1. I’ll send you a pic of the Fenugreek I use, no bad taste 😉 and eat lots of oats, I’m allergic to Brewers & Bakers Yeast which help produce milk.. so lots of Oats. Lots. Of. Oats. Lol. I cut out all dairy, and a ton of foods while breastfeeding b/c Remy was super gassy. I’ll send that list over too. You’re doing FANTASTIC!!!

    1. You cut out dairy?! Ohhhh man I hope I don’t have to. Yes, I remember your gluten free baked goods at work. Oatmeal is my breakfast everyday…

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